Introduction to Cupsystem

The innovative coffee brewing system known as the Cupsystem was introduced in the Netherlands in October 2007.

The Cupsystem is a new innovation of a single serve coffee pod machine with multifunctional benefits that meet the coffee drinker’s desire for more variety.

Designed and developed by Meccano, the Cupsystem is marketed under the brandname puC and was available until 2010 to the consumer in over 2,000 stores in the Netherlands.

In 2012 the Cupsystem technology has been upgraded to an entirely new high pressure machine. Also serving espresso to match the market leaders in single serve multi beverage systems.

The Secret
This innovative technology allows 1 step brewing with it's dual flow design for multi beverage servings.

The Product
The puC is a cooperative development effort between The Ahold Coffee Company, Meccano Asia Ltd and Meccano in the Netherlands. Meccano designed, developed and patented the hardware of the Cupsystem and the cups for liquid concentrates. The product is sold by Ahold under the name puC.

Developing the Technology
The challenge was to create a low pressure hot beverage machine based on the available standard open system 60mm coffee pods. This single serve system had to enhance more consumer convenience and deliver a better taste when compared to the existing systems. The ultimate goal was to create a superior product at less cost to the consumer with one touch of a button.

The key elements in the development were:

• no taste contamination
• no heat up waiting time,
• better extraction from the market available coffee pods
• no add-on parts are required to make a different type of hot beverage,
• a tap for instant hot water.
• the use of fresh milk for capuccino and latte macchiato.

For the product introduction to the consumer The Ahold Coffee Company in the Netherlands required a high quality product with pricing suitable for mass market penetration in an increaslingly competitive market. To achieve these targets Meccano designed and engineered the entire new manufacturing process not just for the coffee maker but also for the fresh dairy cups.

Dual Flow Technology
The coffee maker has two separate hot water flows that separate the coffee pod from the dairy. Each flows independently so the two liquids (coffee pod and dairy pod) meet in the cup without any diary contact with the machine. No other system has this technology.

No taste contamination during multiple brewing means a better tasting beverage is delivered each and every time and without any clean-up in-between.
This one step process is similar to some of the higher priced machines in the market and the two step process of other competitors.

With no contact between the liquids and the appliance no clean up is necessary after each serving.

The separate flows serve hot water and may also be used for making tea, hot chocolate or soup.

Features and Benefits

• More convenient to use with no clean-up necessary
• Cost efficient manufacturing with mass market price point
• Good design = high perceived value
• Easy personal choice of beverages with the push of one button
• Promotes product loyalty ( you return to purchase disposable pods)
• Better taste from concentrated liquid dairy pods
• Uses standard 60mm open standard pods

Our objective is to have qualified manufactures license this technology under their brand of Private Label. Interested manufactures, coffee roasters or retailers should contact Meccano in the Netherlands to discuss their interest.

Pod Acquisition
Meccano is able to deliver 7 different flavors of the liquid dairy concentrates, and more variations are in process of developing.