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Building filosophy and facts

Architect: Roy Lim

Year of construction 1993. At the north face of the buidling is a waterwin area. Until to date no construction there is allowed.

The building itself  is a black square cube, at the north face full beam clear glass and at the south face at the main entrance a separated matt glass wall as a facade.

The matt glass facade has the following functions:

1. to tease curiousity. when approaching the building: what's behind the glass facade.

2. to reflect the daylight in all its elements. The glass wall will adapt to any type of wheather. The colour can vary to white-blue to dark grey. Through the glasswall one can see the contours of the building.

3. The socle elevates the building from its environment and rises from the ground. Additional advantage is that the cars parked in front of the building do not disturb the architecture.
The special tiles do colour black in rain and reflect in the facade. 
It rains a lot in Holland...

Walking though the glass facade " you are still outside"  and there is contact between daylight and artificial light.  The construction between the facade and the black cube shows the connection and makes the facade belonging to the building.

Continuing through the sliding doors you are entering the building standing in the space where day light and artificial light blend together.

The purity of the materials used, and the details of the building underline the quality of Meccano and its developed products.

The north face of the building in full beam clear glass, and the workspaces on each floor situated at the north face, are never exposed to direct sunlight.