Introducing Meccano

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Introducing Meccano

Meccano is an independend international operating innovation company since 1990. Meccano was founded to develop and manufacture Non-food consumer products for the Retailer, A-Brand and Private Label manufacturers.

In 1995 Meccano was recognized as a pre-eminent industrial design firm and a leader in innovative products for the housewares industry. Meccano has received several innovation awards.

Industrial designers, engineers, intellectual property attorneys and manufacturing managers of Meccano add value to the chain on behalf of the A-Brand and the Retailer. The results are strategic innovative consumer products. Meccano products are suitable for mass production and are targeted to the mass consumer. These products are manufactured according to the specifications at the most cost efficient way by the Manufacturer.

Over the years Meccano has obtained several granted patents and has created a sustainable network of outsourced capabilities to create a tailormade projectteam for each project.

The Meccano group of Companies works with passionate people that believe serious business can also be serious fun.